What kind of traveler are you?


Choose the one activity you like best from these:

National Museum main staircase
knight and his love
Budapest Bucket List
Tips for using Budapest Baths

Choose the one activity you like best from these:

Panorma of Buda from Gellért Hill
Budapest Eye Ferris Wheel
Museum of Fine Arts interior
barbecue with friends

Choose the one activity you like best from these:

House of Representatives (Today: Italian Institute)
Andrássy Avenue High-end Fashion shop
people swimming in the pool of Lukacs Bath

Choose the one activity you like best from these:

green bushes and grass of Budapest Zoo Japanese Garden
Statue of Prince Buda and Pest Princess
Tourists on the top of Gellért Hill
entrance of Budapest Zoo

Choose the one activity you like best from these

Lookout point Gellért Hill
cat image in a coffee
the building of the Hungarian State Opera House
View of the Parliament from the lookout terrace of st. Stephen's Basilica

Choose the one activity you like best from these:

Small tank - cute statue on the Danube bank
Hungarian Folk dancers on stage
Little Princes on the Danube Promenade

What kind of traveler are you?
You’re a culture-loving traveler!

Buda Castle

What could be more exciting than dance, fine-art, and museums? Lucky you! 🙂 Budapest is full of history, art, and cultural programs. Give yourself a full day to explore the Castle District. I recommend visiting the Budapest History Museum where you can see exhibitions from Roman times to the present day. Hospital in the Rock Nuclear Bunker Museum would also be interesting for you. It is a hospital that was built in the cave system under the Castle District. The museum can be visited with a guided tour and a visit takes an hour long. Just below the Buda Palace lays the Castle Garden Bazaar and in its southern palaces there is a very interesting exhibition about WW1, named “A new world was born”. A bit further away, on Andrássy Avenue there is another museum that I highly recommend: House of Terror Museum a monument to the memory of those held captive, tortured and killed in this building during the communist times. Read more about the Castle District on the blog!
You are most interested in the city attractions that Budapest itself has to offer.

World Heritage Sites in Budapest

Wander the streets and visit world heritage sites and draft a bucket list for yourself to help you to make the most of your stay. Be sure to visit our World Heritage Sites: Andrássy Avenue, Millennium Underground, Heroes’ square, the Danube promenade and of course, the Buda Castle. I also recommend hiking up Gellért Hill because it provides the best view of Budapest - yes, it is even better than the panorama from Fisherman’s Bastion! Read more about World Heritage Sites in Budapest on the blog!
You need a bit of self-care, pampering and relaxation.

Széchenyi spa columns

Budapest has several baths with healing, relaxing waters, and massages. They are sanctuaries for those who need a cure for their sore muscles or are looking for emotional healing. Our waters are not only thermal waters (meaning they are naturally hot) but they also have proven healing properties. They are rich in minerals and can be used by drinking or inhaling them or of course, having a bath in them. Visit Széchenyi Baths, as it has the best outdoor pools, Rudas Baths in the afternoon/evening as it has the best view from its rooftop pool, Gellért Baths as its indoor pools are the best and Király Baths as it has a pool with medieval, Turkish vibe. Read more about Budapest Baths on the blog!

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