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Budapest in one day - complete itinerary

If you are short in time in Budapest, download this itinerary that will help you to make the most of your stay. 

This detailed itinerary will guide you through the busy downtown of Pest and the medieval sites of Buda

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2 days in Budapest itinerary

Two days in Budapest can be enough to experience some of the main sites of the busy downtown of Pest and the medieval Castle District of Buda.

Prepare your feet to walk a lot, Budapest has many attractions that you should explore.

Day 1: Downtown + Andrássy Avenue + Heroes’ Square + Széchenyi Baths

Day 2: Citadel + Castle District + Ship cruise 1

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3 days in Budapest

With the help of this itinerary you will be able to visit both sides of Budapest and you will have time to enjoy our bath(s), too. 

Day 1: Downtown + Palace Quarter + Jewish Quarter

Day 2: Citadel + Castle District 

Day 3: Andrássy Avenue + Heroes’ Square + City Park + Széchenyi Baths

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