View from the funicular in Budapest during fall

Best things to do in Budapest in fall

Top reasons to visit Budapest in fall

Fall is one of the best seasons to visit Budapest.

Budapest in fall is magnificent. The summer heat is finally over, the crowds of tourists have already gone home and the whole city has a much calmer and much more colorful vibe. There’s a bunch of food and art festivals to attend.

Budapest has a long and really nice Indian summer

Fewer tourists = more space in the bath pools and no crazy long queues in front of bars

Abundance of festivals (like Sausage & Palinka Festival and Chimney Cake Festival)

Oktoberfest for beer lovers

At the end of November even the annual Budapest Christmas Market opens its doors

Weather in Budapest in Fall

September average highs are around 76 degrees Fahrenheit or 24 degrees Celsius, which means daytimes are warm but not hot.

Also, September is generally a dry and sunny month. You will need your sunglasses and not your umbrella.

October is also a nice month to visit Budapest. It has mild days with an averages of 61 degrees Fahrenheit or 16 degrees Celsius, but the nights tend to be chilly with 45 degrees Fahrenheit or 7 degrees Celsius.

It is also a sunny month, but the chances of rain are higher than in September. Also, we experience cold fronts that cause significant changes in temperature. Still, these mild days are perfect for sightseeing and walking a lot in the city and you will still have the chance to sit outside of cafes.

November is chilly but not freezing in Budapest, with crisp air. The average high is about 46 degrees Fahrenheit or 8 degrees Celsius, while the average low is 37 degrees Fahrenheit or 3 degrees Celsius. Usually it is sunny, but gets more cloudy by the end of the month.

Things to do in Budapest in Fall

Enjoy the last rays of warm sunlight and enjoy a coffee on a terrace

Stroll on Margaret Island and enjoy the colors of fall

Visit a food festival

Try our sausages

Hungarian sausages

Try our wines

Visit a vineyard

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Visit a beer festival 

Try a “pálinka”

It is a strong fruit brandy.

We even have a Pálinka Museum


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Visit a farmers market

Taste the delicious and juicy apples, plums and pears!

Best markets:

Czakó Piacz


Great Market Hall

Pancs Gasztoplacc

Try some of our awesome coffee houses

Forget calorie counting, eat Hungarian sweets instead

Visit the baths

For more information about the baths and their healing properties, read my blog post.

Visit a tea house

Climb up to Gül Baba’s Tomb

Treat your taste buds with hearty Hungarian comfort dishes

Try our soups and “főzelék” (vegetable stew)

Explore a museum

Wander the streets

Explore the Jewish District and the Palace Quarter, stroll along the Danube Promenade.

Explore the Castle District

The Castle District shows its most beautiful side in fall.

Visit Matthias Church and the Fisherman’s Bastion.

Budapest Castle District in Fall

Visit the underground world beneath Budapest

Feeling adventurous? 

Visit Szemlő-hegyi Cave.

Looking for something more reachable?

Visit Hospital in the Rock Nuclear Bunker Museum

Take a ride with a riverboat

Marvel the beautiful architectural masterpieces

Go hiking

Explore the colorful Danube bend

Visit Szentendre

Pimp your Instagram account 

Add cozy warm tones to your feed with shades of gold, red and amber.

Castle District: without crowd

What to pack for a visit to Budapest in fall?

During the days the weather can be really nice, but rain can occur anytime. The evenings tend to be cool and as we get closer to November, the temperature averages drop.

Because the temperature can alter greatly, it is advisable to be prepared with appropriate clothing.

One thing is for sure: you will do a lot of walking so taking comfortable shoes is essential.

We have historic sites that are paved with cobbled streets and also, you will probably want to climb Gellert Hill, and heels do not mix well with exploring these spots on foot.

While during the day in September lightweight canvas shoes are enough, at night or later during fall you will need closed shoes that are somewhat warmer, too.

Also, you can’t visit Budapest without trying one or more baths, so make sure to pack your swim suit, quick drying towels, flip-flops and swimming caps.

During the whole season, you best choice might be jeans or similar comfy trousers and can be well mixed with anything.

Because the temperature varies greatly between day and night, layering your clothes is crucial. This way clothes can be added and removed according to the temperature.

Pack short-sleeved shirts (will be perfect in wind free outdoor cafes in the sun) and a light cardigan that matches well color-wise.

Long-sleeved cotton blouses and lightweight jacket like denim or leather are great options, too.

You can also add femininity by packing a pretty midi dress with tights.

You might want to pack a cashmere wrap that takes up very little space in your luggage but simply make you look chic. It is great for evening out at restaurants, festivals and cultural events.

A short trench coat with a hood can be useful if it rains.

On the colder days of November, long sleeves, jackets, a warm hat, gloves, and scarf come in handy but since it is usually still sunny and bright bring your sunglasses and sunscreen. If you are out of luck it might rain a lot while you are here. Do not worry, there are plenty of things you can do indoors. Just be sure that you have waterproof boots and a raincoat.

During the winter warm clothing and layering is a must. Wear waterproof leather boots with  lining and thick socks. Be sure to dress for the season.

Tap water is totally drinkable in Budapest, so a collapsible travel water bottle always comes in handy.

The golden rule is travel light! Remember that you probably won’t need as much as you think and we have stores in Budapest, too.

Have some free space in your luggage and fill it up with unique clothes and accessories that you can purchase here. They will remind you to your visit and you will not see them on anybody else at home!

Bring a small backpack for your daily sightseeings and be sure to throw in a scarf. You might need it in heavily air-conditioned spots and also at religious sites.

Also, remember that you’ll might need a few other items such as a plug adapter for your electrical items!

What if you forgotten something?

Do not worry. You can buy everything you would ever need in Budapest.

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Budapest in fall

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