sculpture in Koller Gallery

Secret Oasis in the Castle District: Koller Gallery

Castle District draws locals and tourist alike. It is jammed with history, architecture and lookout points with gorgeous views.

Matthias Church, Fisherman’s Bastion and the Palace Complex are the main attractions, but if you walk the cobbled streets carefully, you will discover tiny hidden details, medieval remains from the past.

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One of the secrets of the area is a hidden gallery not many people know about as it is hidden in the plain sight while only three minutes from the tourist magnets. 

Tourist groups usually walk pass by its entrance. I recommend you to do the opposite: go in, ring the bell and this unique little oasis will open up in front of you.

Koller Gallery

Entrance of Koller Gallery

Koller Gallery is housed in a three-story atelier house with an intimate sculpture garden.

Stepping in the exhibition space, you will be greeted by the very kind and knowledgeable staff who will let you wander around on your own. Don’t feel intimidated by ringing the bell!

sculpture in Koller Gallery

The exhibition showcases Hungarian and international art, contemporary photography, prints and sculptures, religious paintings and an antique collection.

Opened in 1953, this gallery was the first private gallery in Hungary. In 1980 it moved to the house of Amerigo Tot, world famous Hungarian-Italian artist.

Amerigo Tot's room

In 1976 the then-empty plot was donated to Amerigo Tot. Today his artworks and personal belongings can be seen on the upper level of the house where a studio was set up for him. The panorama of the city is gorgeous from here.

The sculpture garden can be accessed from the first floor and it has exquisite sculptures all around.

Koller Gallery

This garden is everything you want: green oasis covered in ivy, water splashing in its fountain, amazing views of the Danube and Fisherman’s Bastion. Hidden, calm, quiet and intimate. Perfection.

It is really hard not to fantasize about living here. 🙂

How to get to Koller Gallery

Táncsics Mihály street 5 (Buda Castle)
1014 Budapest, Hungary

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Walk 5 minutes from Matthias Church in Táncsics Mihály street.

Open every day: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Website: Koller Gallery


Attractions near Koller Gallery

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