30 photos of Buda

30 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Budapest – Buda side

Budapest is not hard to fall in love with – here are some of my photos to convince you that it is true.

Budapest has so many attractions that is extremely easy to take great photographs in both sides of the city. Let me show you!

First part: Buda side

Budapest has two main parts: Pest on the east side, Buda on the west side. They are divided by the Danube.

Buda side is a cultural wonderland, it’s filled with stunning architecture, historical monuments and lush green scenery.

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I hope these photos convinced you that Buda is a magnificent part of Budapest.

If you still need a bit more inspiration, check out my 30 photos of Pest, too!

I hope you will decide to visit us. 🙂 

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30 photos of Buda

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