Budapest parks: Palace Garden

Beautiful Parks in Budapest

Since Budapest is a very walkable city, your feet will need some rest during the day for sure. 

Luckily, the city has many cute parks that are perfect spots to chill and relax for a few minutes.

Grab something to eat and drink, then head to one of them.

These are also perfect places to people watching, and some of them even have gorgeous panorama.

So, let me show you our favorites:

1. City park

City Park Budapest

City Park is a popular park in Budapest, right behind Heroes’ Square. Here everyone will find something to do no matter young or old, single or have kids.

2. Tomb of Gül baba

Tomb of Gül Baba

Gül baba was an Ottoman-era poet and philosopher who died after the Turkish conquest of Buda.

His tomb reopened to the public after a renovation in the end of 2018.

The view from this landmark is unique, you can see the Parliament, the Castle area while you are standing next to fragrant roses.

Best of all? It has never been crowded when we visited.

Attractions near Tomb of Gül Baba:

Margaret Island

Castle District

3. Mansfeld Park

Mansfeld Péter park

A nice, hidden park, overlooking the Chain Bridge, Parliament, and the Danube promenade. It is just above the Tomb of Gül baba. It also has a view to the city.

It was named after the youngest martyr of the 1956 Revolution.

4. Szabadság Square

A green spot in the middle of the city. You just walk in a surrounding street and BOOM, it’s in front of you.

It was the site of huge barracks built in 1786 by the Austrians. It became a symbol of repression after the Hungarian revolution in 1848-1849 when many Hungarian were imprisoned and executed here, among them Lajos Batthyány, who was the prime minister during the Hungarian revolution.

The square is surrounded by some beautiful and monumental like the former Stock Exchange Building, some art nouveau buildings, the United States Embassy.

The park also has a fun, motion-detecting fountain that works during the warmer months.

Attractions near Szabadság Square:

Hungarian House of Parliament

St. Stephen’s Basilica

Danube promenade

5. Kopaszi dam

Right next to the Rákóczi Bridge on the Buda side lays this narrow peninsula. It is a perfect place for kayaking, picnic or do any kind of outdoor sports. It has a lovely, calm beach feel.

Can be reached by public boat system, too.

6. Millenáris

‘Millenáris’ was an industrial site in the heart of Buda, but today it is a modern cultural complex with exhibition halls, surrounded by a large park with a pond and two awesome custom-built playgrounds.

As a child friendly venue, it has kid programs all year round.

7. Károlyi Garden

Budapest parks: Károlyi Garden

Just a block and few meters away from the buzzing Astoria, this park is very popular among families.

It is a perfect place to have a quick picnic on one of its benches between two sights.

8. Garden of Philosophers

A hidden, quite unknown little park, with eight bronze statues: 5 of them symbolize different cultures and religions, the 3 other are people who influenced spiritual enlightenment.

The statue of Prince Buda and Princess Pest is nearby with magnificent view to the city.

We found it a few years ago by chance, but since then, we have been here several times. A great place to watch the sunset and it is not crowded at all.

Attractions near Garden of Philosophers:

Gellért Hill

Castle Hill

9. Castle Garden

Castle Garden

A unique jewelry box right at the foot of the Royal Palace.

It is a perfect place for leisurely walks and entertainment. Cultural events are held here all year round. 

It has grassy slopes, benches and a view to the Parliament and the promenade on the Pest side. I highly recommend a rest here.

Attractions near Castle Garden:

Castle Hill

Bridges of Budapest 

10. Palace garden

Budapest parks: Palace Garden

Right at the foot of the Royal Palace on the south lays a small, secluded little garden. Even during the summer months this area is almost always empty. If you need some space and calmness around you, head here and have a quick picnic.

11. Erzsébet Square

Erzsébet square: Budapest Eye Ferris Wheel

This green area is right in the heart of downtown. Its main attraction is the Danubius Fountain.

Budapest Eye, a huge ferris wheel towers in the middle of the square.

This square is not as calm as the other ones, but for a quick rest it is perfect.

Attractions near Erzsébet Square:

Downtown Budapest

Jewish District

Andrássy Avenue

St. Stephen’s Basilica


12. Gellért Hill

Budapest parks: Gellért Hill

The hill itself a huge park so anywhere you go, you are at a perfect place to rest. On the top of it stands the Citadel, you can reach it from several directions. Your award for climbing it is the best view of the city.

Be sure to bring something to drink with yourself! Normally you can buy chimney cake at the foot of the Citadel, and sometimes even sausages, lángos, etc. It might be a bit overpriced, check it before ordering. We have only tried the chimney cake and ice cream here.

More info about Gellért Hill

13. Margaret Island

Margaret Island fountain

Margaret Island is another great place to spend some time outdoors. This huge park is in the center of the Danube River, accessible from Margaret Bridge.

Vehicles are prohibited, so the island is a great place to stroll, rent a bike, work out or go for a run.

Attractions near Margaret Island:

Downtown Budapest

Tomb of Gül Baba

14. Normafa

Normafa is the most popular excursion spot of the Buda Hills. Easily and quickly accessible, perfect for those who would like to get out from the buzz of the city but don’t have time to go further. We can feel that we are doing something great to our body and soul in the “great outdoors” while we are just 20 minutes away from Széll Kálmán Square, the hotspot of Buda.

It is a perfect place for strolling, running, or having a picnic (yes, I can not think any of the parks without mentioning eating, sorry!). There is also a small food stall here where you can (and you should!) buy strudels, hot tea, mulled wine (during winter).

Anna rét is a great spot for families, because there is a great, newly updated playground here, while you can have a look at the beautiful panorama of Budapest as it is laying under your feet. Also, you can see Elisabeth lookout from here, so you can decide if it is a viable option for you to climb there (again, you should, it is not that far, believe me).

Easily accessible by bus no 21 and 21A from Széll Kálmán Square and by the Children’s Railway.

15. Garden of the Hungarian National Museum

The wide staircase of the Museum, and also the grass around it makes this place a perfect spot for a little rest. It is quite busy place as it is the favorite spots for university students of the area. There are many shops in this neighborhood where you can buy something to (again:) eat.

16. Tabán

View of Buda Palace from Tabán

Tabán is a slope with green grass, outdoor gym, playground and nice view to the Buda Castle and Elisabeth Bridge.

This area used to be a separate town, but later became part of Buda, then Budapest. At first, it was characterized by two-storey, densely built houses, but now it’s mostly known as a romantic park with bushes and trees:

One of the favorite spots for sledging during winter, and a nice strolling spot any day of the year.

On the top of it there are few swings, using them you can admire the panorama. We love it very much, if we have the chance and are around, we do not miss it.

17. Park of the National Theatre

Budapest parks: park of the national theatre

The theater stands in a green park with a unique sculpture garden.

The boat-shaped part of the park is used as venue of open-air events on summer weekends.

The panorama from the top of the ‘Ziggurat’ is really nice.

You can get here easily, just take tram no. 2 (stop: Müpa-Nemzeti Színház)

+1: secret statue garden of Koller Gallery

I wrote a blog post about Koller Gallery but I just can’t leave it out from this list. 😊 We like this place so much. 

sculpture in Koller Gallery
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