Michael Jackson memorial tree in Budapest

Odd and quirky attractions in Budapest

If you are not entirely content with common travel destinations but also interested in more quirky and untouched areas, these unusual places in Budapest will spark your sense of curiosity.

Michael Jackson memorial tree

Yes, Budapest has a memorial tree that commemorates Michael Jackson. And it is not a hidden one. On the contrary: it stands right in the very middle of downtown Budapest, in front of the entrance to Kempinski Hotel.

The tree is covered with photographs.

Any time I walk there I see fresh flowers and candles there.

Elvis Presley park

This small park is right next to Margaret Bridge on Buda side.

The city council approved to name the park after Elvis to honor his support for the Revolution of 1956 against the Soviets.

Memento park

memento park

A quirky theme park, a grave for communist statues.

The park lays outside the center but easily accessible by bus. If you are interested in remnants of the communist era, you will find this park interesting.

It is an open-air museum, consider this during planning the visit.

Here you can take photographs in front of statues of Lenin, Engels, Marx and some Hungarian communist leaders.

The holy right

holy right in St. Stephen's Basilica

The most important relic of Hungary is held inside St. Stephen’s Basilica.

It is the naturally mummified right hand of St. Stephen, the first king of Hungary.


Pinball Museum

The largest interactive pinball museum is in Budapest. They have 130 machines and you can try all!

Children’s railway

The Railway runs in the Buda Hills.

Children do various types of duties after attending a training course: they are in charge of the loudspeaker, check passenger’s tickets and also sell them on the train and they operate some of the mechanical equipment, too.

They can achieve the position of traffic manager, too if they gain experience.

The railway is also called as “the greatest child toy of the world”.

Zwack Unicum Museum

The history of this strong herbal liquor dates back to the era of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Dr. Zwack was the physician of the Habsburg Emperor and he invented this drink for him.

It is made of a blend of more than 40 herbs.

In the museum, you can taste this famous liquor and other Zwack products and watch a short film about the story of the bitter and the Zwack dynasty.

Attend a Sparty

Thermal baths are the main tourist attractions of Budapest, but have you ever heard about spending the evening there when the baths turn into a wild party venue? 

Well, I haven’t tried these “Spartys”, because they are not my cup of tea, but if you are into partying and feel confident in your bathing suit, they can be quite an experience.

Beer spa

Yes, beer spa is also a thing in Budapest. You can get soaked in beer in Széchenyi Bath. It is said that the ingredients of the beer-infused in the thermal water work wonders on the skin. The beer is very high in B vitamins and oils.

Turkish Baths

Király baths

Yes, we are still speaking about baths. 🙂

The historical Turkish baths date back to the 16th century. The 150 years of Ottoman occupation left its marks on Hungary.

Baths are the positive remnants of that time. Today the baths are restored and expanded and each has its own character.

Király Bath is the most ruinous and historical, Rudas Baths has a small but nice rooftop pool with gorgeous panorama. Vali Bej is also a unique bath worth visiting.

Check out this post if you are interested in Thermal Baths in Budapest: Budapest Baths

Visit a Turkish tomb

Tomb of Gül Baba

Tomb of Gül Baba is the northernmost Islamic pilgrimage site of the world. It is the 16th-century tomb of an Ottoman dervish who took part in the occupation of Buda in 1541.

The tomb can be reached through Gül Baba street, one of the steepest streets in Budapest.

The view of the city is really nice from here.

Cave system

There is an expansive cave system under Budapest and especially under Buda.

These systems have been in use since the middle ages.

One of the most interesting examples is the Hospital in the Rock Nuclear Bunker Museum, not far from the main tourist attractions of the Castle district.

Escape rooms

Budapest was the birthplace of escape rooms and it has some epic rooms indeed.

If you like solving mysteries and not claustrophobic, let yourself locked in a room or maze of rooms and try to escape using clues.

Play chess in Széchenyi Bath

A bejegyzés megtekintése az Instagramon

Bath 💦💦 #termy #bath #thermalbath #budapest #lifevibes #sundaymood

Beata Lawecka (@lavvecka) által megosztott bejegyzés,

Pretty sure that you have already seen photos of elderly locals sitting in the pool of Széchenyi playing chess.

If you are also into this game, you can join them.

Enjoy a concert on a docked ship

Built in 1968, A38 is an old Ukrainian stone-carrier ship that is docked near Petőfi bridge.

Today it is a multipurpose cultural hub, social hotspot and concert venue.

If you have already been to Budapest, have you visited any of these attractions? If so, did you like them? Write your insight in a comment! 

Wish you a happy stay in Budapest! 😊 

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odd and quirky attractions in Budapest

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